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Thanks, Kane County Voters, you said 'Yes'

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You approved the $50 million bond issue to purchase and improve additional woodlands, wetlands, prairie, and natural areas in Kane County
Unofficial vote totals in the April 4 election showed 54 percent in favor of the bond issue - 25,357 voters said 'yes'
Even with the bond issue, Forest Preserve property taxes will actually go down because old bonds are being paid off
Preserving open space protects watersheds, improves the water quality of rivers, lakes and streams, and helps control flooding.

Voters on April 4 approved a $50 million bond issue for the Kane County Forest Preserve District to acquire and expand forest preserves and protected open space.  See election results:  Kane County Elections - Aurora Election Commission (Scroll to bottom of list of races for referendum result for Aurora)

This was the fifth referendum since 1999 where voters approved bond issues for additional open space and natural preservation.  See results of the previous four referenda.

With the approval, 2,000 to 2,500 acres of land will be added to Kane County forest preserves as open space for people and wildlife. About 80 percent of the bond proceeds will focus on making existing forest preserves bigger and connecting them together.  The remaining 20 percent will be allocated to capital improvements like trails and public access and restoring wildlife habitat.  None of the bond funds will be used for routine operating expenses.

The Kane County forest preserve system currently consists of approximately 21,000 acres -- about 6 percent of total land in the county -- and lags behind several adjacent counties in terms of total acres preserved and percentage of overall land.

The Forest Preserve District is paying off older bond issues, resulting in a decrease of about $104 over the next two years for a typical $250,000 home.  Passage of the new bond issue tap about $22 a year for that same home.  Your Forest Preserve tax bill will still go down.