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News Coverage of Kane Open Space Referendum

Northwest Herald
March 31, 2017

Letter: Vote yes for Forest Preserve Land Acquisition and Preserve Improvement Referendum

To the Editor: 

I am writing in support of the Kane County Forest Preserve referendum on April 4.
Kane County has undergone rapid changes in recent years, to the point we now face increased flooding, depletion of underground water supplies, a shortage of open space and higher taxes for schools and roads.
Now we have the opportunity to make a very small investment only $1.83 a month ($22 a year) that will pay big dividends in our quality of life. The Forest Preserve District is lowering taxes at the same time because of its responsible financial management. So, even if this referendum passes, our forest preserve tax bills still will be going down significantly, while preserving an additional 2,000 acres of open space to be enjoyed by our families and future generations.
Please join me in voting yes for the Kane County Forest Preserve Land Acquisition and Preserve Improvement referendum April 4.

Jon Duerr
St. Charles