Kane County Neighbors for Open Space, Clean Water, and Clean Air

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Why We Should Vote 'Yes' on April 4

Quality of Life

Preserving open space helps preserve our quality of life.  People expect their homes to be good investments for their future. They value clean water, clean air and a healthy environment, and love to hike, bike, camp, fish and enjoy natural areas minutes from home.

Clean Water/Clean Air/Wildlife Habitat

Preserving open space protects watersheds and improves the water quality of rivers, lakes and streams, especially the Fox River.  Open space also helps protect our drinking water.  Also, protecting lands along streams and rivers helps control flooding.  Open space referendum monies are also used to preserve and restore critical wildlife habitat, protect forests and plant trees to improve air quality.  A portion of the money will also be used to provide trails, fishing access and other outdoor recreational opportunities.

Concern for Growth

More than any other issues, voters view growth and over-development issues as the most important threats to their quality of life.  Voters also strongly agree that preserving open space can help control over-development and sprawl, thereby helping to preserve their quality of life. 


Voters also recognize the urgency of taking action now.  Voters also agree that the time to act to preserve open space is “now” while land prices are selling at a fraction of the cost.  

Proven Track Record

The Forest Preserve District has a proven track record.  The vast majority of voters have confidence in the District to spend these funds wisely and overwhelmingly approve of the intended uses for the funds especially protecting forests, protecting wildlife habitat, and protecting watersheds and drinking water sources.  Forest preserves are a great investment for future generations.

Small Price to Pay

Voters understand that the preservation of open space is a good investment in our future.  The $50 million bond issue will cost the average $250,000 home about $1.83 per month, a small price to pay to purchase and protect open space and natural lands in their communities.  Open space can help keep property taxes from going up because increased development leads to increased demand for government services such as schools, roads and infrastructure.